Last Shofar of 5781

I wish everyone Shanah Tova U’metukah, a Healthy, Happy and Safe 5782, starting tonight!

The Mitzvah is to “hear” the Shofar, not to “sound” the Shofar so you’ve now fulfilled the tradition!

There are 3 basic Shofar Blasts:

Tekiyah (one un-interrupted blast)

Sh’Varim (3 blasts)

T’ruah (More of a Staccato, traditionally 9 blasts)

There’s also a T’kiyah G’dolah (a long T’kiyah which tests your endurance.)

The Shofar comes from the horn of a Kosher animal, typically a Ram or a Sheep or an Ibex (these are the prettiest/most stylish ones with the best sounds, in my opinion.)

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