Psst, you’re sitting in my spot

A recent story in the LA Times got me thinking about all the crazy disruptions in this weird COVID world we find ourselves in. The author muses about “missing the comfort of ‘my’ seat in synagogue when the whole world is askew.” “One Saturday morning last fall I arrived at my synagogue, only to discoverContinue reading “Psst, you’re sitting in my spot”

Let’s talk about Blood (donations, that is)

Yes blood…human blood, vampires, Bela Lugosi, Dracula… OK let’s not, but let’s talk about donating blood and why, especially in this Corona virus-afflicted world, donating blood is so much more important than it normally is. I have been a regular platelet donor at Stanford’s Blood Bank for over 25 years and this week, I donatedContinue reading “Let’s talk about Blood (donations, that is)”