About Steve

I am an operations consultant and intuitive problem solver that streamlines processes and helps companies to get from early-stage proofs-of-concept to marketable products. Think of me as a “canary in the coal mine” who knows how to efficiently solve problems early on, so that small, early-stage problems don’t become much larger problems. I do this as a TRAINER, a TEAM FACILITATOR and a strong CUSTOMER ADVOCATE.


• Lead a 150-person organization pro-bono Facilitation Skills organization over 5 years, training 1500+
Professionals to facilitate meetings, trainings and workshops, raising productivity and raising
achievement bar by driving a team strategy, mentoring, training, creating lasting content and
succession planning
• Created and delivered theme-based content with strategic business goal alignment and team
development & training activities
• Managed a seamless transition of the workshop from in-person to on-line experience including
technology and curriculum integrations


• Averaged 4.8/5-stars in participant evaluations in monthly evaluations
• Designed and developed a pre-launch marketing initiative over Amazon.com that resulted in 25, 5-
star evaluations of a pre-launch product.


• Managed recruitment, all communications processes and assured evaluations addressed key product
values. Publicized the project widely to executive leadership organizations.


As a FACILITATOR I help companies and groups to bring out the wisdom in any room.
• Designed all technical training for a major customer that represented 97% of our company’s revenue.
• achieved 30% reduction in customer churn for major OEM by designing and delivering a “Hardware
and Service Boot Camp”
• reduced inaccurate and repetitive support escalations by 25%


I specialize in both quality and quality of feedback for customer concerns in large and small companies.
• filed third-highest number of technically verified bugs during customer feedback programs,
• 65% of which resulted in engineering code changes.
• championed major customer feature requests with the product development teams

Please contact me using any of these methods:

Email: slipman@gmail.com;

Phone: + 650-284-9521

Twitter: stevenalipman

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