Welcome to my blog, “The Tao of Steve”

Masters Degree in Jewish Education from Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles, and a BA from UCLA. For the last 20 years I have managed support and training teams across Silicon Valley. 

Expert in the amazing, inspirational story of the Olomouc Torah

Can you imagine a 200-year-old Torah Scroll permanently returned to its home community, kosher, for the first time in 78 years? The scroll survived the Nazis, 15 years of neglect at the hands of the Czechoslovakian communist regime, and even a hurricane!

It has been lovingly cared for by the London-based Memorial Scrolls Trust since 1963. They allocated the Scroll to our community in 1970, where it had been an honored and treasured holy member of our community, in continual use, for nearly 47 years.

In October, 2017 at the request of the Trust and the Olomouc Jewish Community, I helped accompany, this Torah back to its ancestral home in in the Czech Republic. The trip was an amazing, historic, one-of-a kind adventure. Let me tell you our story and that of its sister scroll from the Czech community of České Budějovice. Both stories will leave you breathless. You cannot make this stuff up!

Here’s a recording of a recent presentation.

What I do Professionally

Expert Facilitator

Training Manager

Team Leadership Consultant

Support Team Manager/Beta Consultant

Selected Professional Experiences

Contract Support and Beta Project Coordinator

Aura Frames, San Francisco
Developed Customer Review Program on Amazon. Managed Support tickets using ZenDesk. Managed two Internal and External Beta Programs for consumer digital frame.

Contract Training Manager

Assessed designed needs and delivered training for Global Engineering support team training programs. Redesigned, from the ground up, Internal Training programs (Training “2.0”). Standardized hew hire training for engineering support organization across US and International geographies. Managed supplemental support training sessions on Microsoft Dynamics integration with Marketo platform.

Expert Facilitator and Training Manager

Led 40 volunteer trainers to create and deliver a monthly pro-bono Facilitation Skills Workshop.  Expert facilitator who has trained 1500+ Silicon Valley Professionals to facilitate meetings, trainings and workshops, especially when participants are not necessarily subject matter experts. Understands how to bring out the wisdom in any room.