I’m a Grandchild of Immigramts

Check out my latest LinkedIn Blog Post

Hello Friends:

My latest blog post on LinkedIn.  I hope you like it.  If you do and if you are so inclined please “like” and “comment” over on LinkedIn.  This raises the visibility of my LinkedIn profile which is great, especially for a job seeker like me. It would be great to catch up, if we have not talked in a while.

Generally I am looking to leverage my skills in Mobile and Enterprise in a Customer Success role or a Support/Training Manager.  I have loads of experience in support and training settings as well, re-designing the new-hire support engineer process for Marketo and designing all of the Customer care technical resources at T-Mobile for the first mass-marketed Smartphone before the iPhone.  Remember the T-Mobile Sidekick?

If you are free, I’d love to catch up! In person?  On the phone? Skype? You name it!


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