Midnight Train to Portland

So here we go on my adventure to Portland. I decided that this would be a fun alternative to endless airport terminals.

We pulled out of San Jose just a tad late at around 2050. For the first hour or so I am in a bulkhead seat that has about 0 legroom. The lady across the aisle is getting off in Oakland so I am going to switch seats and at least get a little more room to stretch out my legs.

Basic accommodations here in coach. I was not about to pay an additional $300 for a sleeper car.

2215 and we’ve arrived in Oakland. My first visit to the lounge car. Drinks and snacks but the dining car had already closed for the night.

Upstairs a nice roomy parlor car with big picture windows and comfy seats. Looks to be a great place to catch some awesome scenery tomorrow morning after the sun comes up. Maybe sunrise over Shasta? We’ll see, I guess.

2300 … and we’re off from Oakland and Jack London Square. Passing through downtown Oakland in the way to Emeryville, Richmond, Martinez and Sacramento as we continue our northward trek. Not much to see out the window unless you consider 80/580 scenery?

2310 Emeryville Amtrak Station and we are stalled again. I think this represents the longest single amount of time I have spent in this wide spot in the road between Oakland and Berkeley. 2320 and we are moving once again…yay! :-D.

0015 back in my seat trying to get a few winks in. I’d like to be up around 0500 as we pull into Dunsmuir and try to get some sunrise shots of Mt. Shasta. Should be pretty spectacular! It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to get the seat adjusted just right.

0120 and hello from Sacramento, our State Capitol. Many noisy people boarded here, considering the late hour. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the Sacramento Amtrak Station

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